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The Executive Certificate in Cultural Leadership is a comprehensive program designed to help leaders create and sustain a positive and productive workplace culture in the post-pandemic, digital era. Explore the most contemporary ways to enhance your leadership skills, and create a positive and productive work culture that builds trust and drives business success. Follow a 5-week online learning journey including an end of program webinar with the Program Director Associate Professor Karl Treacher.

Executive Certificate in Cultural Leadership

Program Director | Associate Professor Karl Treacher

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Join the Professional Cohort in our 5 week online program. Commencing 18th September 2023


Meet Program Director and CEO of The Culture institute of Australia, Associate Professor Karl Treacher, view the course outline and become accustomed to the learning platform and suggested resources.

Module 1

Organisational Culture Acumen

Investigate the changing needs of employees, and critical importance of culture before reviewing definitions and differences between culture, engagement, climate and morale. Module 1 also introduces The Culture Institute’s ‘Omni’ model that creates valuable context for why culture exists and how it enables organisational performance.

Module 2

Measuring Culture Health & Performance

Explore the most current and relevant culture assessment methods, identifying specific sub- Review global case studies that clearly illustrate the interdependent relationship between culture and employee engagement before learning how to effectively measure culture health and culture performance in relation to organisational strategy. Module 2 also introduces the gold standard in organisational culture assessment - Panorama, a new diagnostic designed to measure culture health and performance.

Module 3

Cultural Leadership Development

Learn about and reflect on your ability to be present and connect interpersonally with others before testing your growth mindset and level of authentic leadership. Module 3 introduces a holistic cultural leadership model that investigates your perceived sense of self and the impressions you create through your behaviour, decision-making frameworks and communication.

Module 4

Shaping Culture in Your Team and Organisation

Engage with the Panorama Cultural Leadership System and apply your knowledge to shaping culture to effectively create high levels of culture health and alignment with business strategy.

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